Another year has almost passed. Couple of more days now and we will be starting a new chapter. Some things turned out exactly like we planned and some not. I think that applies to everyone. What are the lessons? What can we do better? What are some of things that we are proud of and thankful for? Lastly, what are some of the weaknesses that we have to accept and find a way to turn them into strength and motivation?

Here comes some of the the most important questions and reflection tools that I use at the end of each year. Something you can use also to gain a better and more objective understanding of what is really going on.


10 greatest happenings from 2018:

  1. We managed to to create a yearly event in Malmö, POW SCANDINAVIA to help women of all ages (and men of course) to capitalize on their strengths and passions. I didn’t do it alone, so many thanks to the team that made it a success: Olivera Stojanovic, Mirely Figueroa de Ndziba, Evelina Lundberg, Joey Karlsson Social Media & Marketing (  Dada Tulbure and Peter Lång. Also big thanks to our moderator Alexandra Skoglund (, Karen Hoisington Personal Branding (, Maria Appelqvist Professional Coach, Published Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur ( , Dana Simovic Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Developing a New Africa/Dana Global ( and our singer/performer Linda Runesson who did an amazing job. ( We are not finished so in 2019 we will continue to build an deliver value. (
  2. We built and successfully delivered a year long educational program RISE UP  for young students at Sundsgymnasiet. Thanks to the great team of teachers making this possible with Niclas Andersson taking the initiative! Also the guest lecturers Sami Sulieman CEO Plexian (, Mats Lundberg Leadership Coach from New Chapter ( and again Alexandra Skoglund Life Coach ( This is the first time (that we know about) a school in Sweden runs a development program for students parallel with the traditional studies during  whole year focusing on: entrepreneurship, goal setting, values, the art of networking, creating leverage at school, decision making, sales, Relational IQ, etc…next year will look to continue implementing  RISE UP  at other schools in Sweden that anticipate the importance of such a program, side by side with the traditional studies.
  3. Vital Adventure Transylvania: after tweaking and adjusting for 2 years, we finally found the essence and the perfect mastermind experience for entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers that want to gain more clarity and re-connect with their true mission in life! We followed yet again in Dracula’s footsteps for a third time and had a such a great time trekking the Carpatian Mountains. Thanks to the team making it possible: Dr. Vasile Salagean Health Expert + my awesome father (, (Andreas Petrander Videographer + Photo Content Manager with a golden touch ( our super amazing guide Glenn Möllergren (, Claudia Morariu our local connect with the biggest smile ( Ciprian Lungu our Bionic Man (my uncle) and professional driver (, Lucian Moldovan Gold Schwinn Intructor who made the first Vital Adventure Group possible by offering our guests both training and a transylvanian retreat at Castle Inn (,  Peter Lång our loyal US. Marine and training expert (  , Mats Lundberg our Spiritual Entrepreneur and Hypnosis Guide (, Alexandra Skoglund Yoga and Mental Coach ( Next year 2019 we decided to keep the group even smaller and more private, maximum 6 people and we are looking forward to new life-changing moments together with people that dare to let go in order to win big:
  4. I spent quality time as much as possible with my grandfather Vasile Moldovan and grandmother Georgeta Rosca both 86 years +
  5. I re-started a collaboration with NAV (  in Norway through Marianne Ronningen who is such a driven individual always seeking to improve things and expand the knowledge base of the organizations she is involved in. The topic is Gen Y + Gen Z and how companies and organizations can maximize the potential of these impact creating groups in the market place. Thanks to Rob Fajardo Founder of Leave Normal Behind that delivered some golden nuggets on the subject and is such an inspiration! (
  6. I have been very consistent with my daily training and meditation routines and especially the daily cold showers that have completely changed my state, focus and stamina! I am in awe! I strongly encourage you to find out more about this simple method at:
  7. Cellements BioPocket: have launched and developed our own biotech direct selling company of functional products together with a bunch of people that I look up to, value and respect: Claes Blomqvist Mentor and Best Friend, Anders Karlsson CEO Cellements and a such a force of nature, Philip Wilhelmsson our Head of Research and Product Development and Nicolas Andreasson Master Distributor with a never ending passion and energy.
  8. Tandem Jump together with Claes Blomqvist! I rate this as one of the most epic experiences so far. Youtube: 
  9. Played a small part in the development of Yobify, tech/recruitment company with huge disrupting potential. I had to push myself by doing things outside my comfort zone, so thanks to the CEO Mats Holmbäck! (
  10. Set the foundation for a new project Work in Europe in 2019 helping young people find meaning and fulfillment and breaking bad habits.




  1. Dr. Antonio Soler True North Health:
  2. Alexandra Aleksic CEO LiliAlex:
  3. Dana Simovic Founder Developing a New Africa:
  4. Mats Lundberg Founder New Chapter:
  5. Mats Gustafsson VP of Growth BrightCom:
  6. Sami Sulieman Plexian AB:
  7. Kajsa Sihlén CEO Solid Capital Group:
  8. Tanner Schweitzer Founder of RAW:
  9. Karen Hoisington Datum Branding Singapore:
  10. Maria Appelqvist Author & Speaker:


Three greatest lessons I’ve learned in 2018:

  1. Have the courage to pause or stop different projects so you don’t loose focus and energy (which I have)
  2. Delegate and only focus on A-Players! Otherwise the price, time and energy you will spend or fixing and repairing things will drain you
  3. Raise the financial intelligence and take control over your economy. If not everything else will suffer.

Tracking your daily activities that will lead to the best results will give you an edge and flow that can make a huge difference as you compound forward. I have used Living Your Best Year Ever System by my mentor Darren Hardy for many years now. I highly recommend it!

By tracking your daily actions you will know exactly what is happening or why something is not happening!

For example in 2018 I tracked some activities:

Contacted 149 new prospects related to different business projects (an increase with 39 new people compared to 2017)

Training: 7280 push-ups bu doing 20/day

Meditation: 364 times (increase with 30 times compared to 2017)

Journaling: 364 times

Books: 10 books (3 books less than 2017)



Tim Ferris Show Podcast:

Business Wars:

Jocko Podcast:


Masters of Scale:

Hardcore History:

Waking Up:


The Gary Vee Audio Experience:



Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris:

If This is a Man by Primo Levi:

Robert Kuok: A Memoir:

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon:

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder:


Darren Daily Free Daily Mentoring:


A Thousand True Fans by Kevin Kelly:

The Tail End by Tim Urban:


Lastly special thanks to my wife Michélle for supporting me during the storms, Claes Blomqvist for always believing in me and making me see things in a positive way, Sami Sulieman my Davinci twin connection, that never loses his enthusiasm and that I can always count on, Johannes Ekblad for always being a great friend and having a positive influence, my accountability partner Dr. Antonio Soler for keeping me on track and adding so much value during almost 6 years, Johnny D for helping me when I need it the most, Anders Karlsson for leading by example and using humor as a powerful tool to get ahead and my father Dr. Vasile for ALWAYS being there for me from Day 1.

My biggest hope for 2019 is to be able to repay and add value for everyone that has helped me and pay it forward!

Claudiu Moldovan
Author of Rise Up Champion (Amazon International Bestseller):
“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better “



One thought on “MANIFESTO 2018

  1. What a summery😊👍
    You can be very, very proud over the level of positive impact you have Claudiu, hats off. Excellent work and with a great personallity, a winning combination. That is why I am extra grateful to call you one of my best friends.

    Thanks for everething this year. Happy New year and hold on to something because 2019 will be nothing short of awesome:)

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