“All motions may be accelerated and retarded, but the flowing of absolute time is not liable to any change,” Isaac Newton

manifesto 2019

So if you believe that time is real or just an illusion, 2020 is knocking at the door. We can treat it like a beloved guest or like a thief depending on our mindset, skill set, and our vision of the future. Viktor Frankl the author of Man’s Search For Meaning simply states that the main driving force for us humans is to experience meaning. Meaning together with our unique human ability to choose our reaction no matter the circumstances is a true superpower. It helped Viktor survive Auschwitz. It can help you make a difference and raise your game if you let it.

I feel obliged to share with you some of my greatest lessons from 2019, failures, reflections, best books, podcasts, people that have influenced me in a positive way and much more. Maybe you can find something of value that will help you on your own journey and share it on. We are all connected. Clarity leads to more unity.

I have been tracking my actions for 10 years now by using Living Your Best Year Ever Journal created by my mentor and friend Darren Hardy (

Why? Because shit happens to everyone that will make you lose focus, run after shinning objects and lose track of what it’s really important to do on a daily basis in order to get what you truly desire. What is easy to do, it’s just as easy not to do. What I also like is having the power of the compound effect on my side, meaning the the outcome of my daily actions will exponentially compound into greater and greater results over a longer period of time. I highly recommend you check it out:

So this year after tracking my actions for the entire 2019 I would like to start with the areas I really need improvement. Have a look and see if you are already doing some of these things well enough.


  1. Forgive people that did me wrong
  2. Cardio Training every week
  3. No more TV than for an hour/day
  4. Undisturbed quality sleep for 8 hours/day
  5. Be home with family on time every day
  6. Having a completely detailed budget and sticking to it
  7. Having a professional designed and diversified financial portfolio
  8. Saving at least 10 percent of my income every month
  9. Becoming credit card debt-free
  10. Having a six month reserve account completely funded and set aside
  11. Having an updated and complete last will and testament
  12. Having the needed insurance and financial plan in place for my family should something happen to me
  13. Having a detailed retirement plan that will accommodate exactly what I need to live as I desire after retirement and for the rest of my life
  14. Living below my means and never spend money imprudently
  15. Studying my spiritual beliefs every day
  16. Teaching my spiritual beliefs every day
  17. Living completely in accordance with my spiritual beliefs
  18. Consistently using my spirituality to help resolve my problems
  19. Seeking instructional information in my field every day
  20. Never engaging in gossip
  21. Always say no to requests or obligations that don’t fit my core values or objectives
  22. Attending cultural events at least 2 times/month
  23. Vacation at least once a year with no work communications
  24. Being completely present in every moment of every day



  1. I attended the MasterMind Cruise with my friends and business partners, Anders Karlsson, Nicolas Andreasson, Claes Blomqvist representing our swedish biotech company Cellements (
  2. I build and delivered a successful workshop/event called UnLeash Your Book in Malmö ( together with Karen Hoisington from Singapore. One of the attendees Dana Simovic actually came out with her first book with Karens coaching. You can read more about Dana here: if you also have a book dying to come out contact Karen Hoisington and she will make sure it becomes a reality. 
  3. I took over ten years of experience and boiled it down to 3 seminars: The Generation Switch (How to attract and develop the potential of Gen Y and Gen Z), Relational IQ (Discover the proven strategies behind how to connect with people of high value and learn how to build and sustain powerful networks) and The Leverage Factor (Learn how to identify and focus on the activities that get you the biggest return on investment ROI)
  4. I got accepted as a mentor for Singularity University and was blown away but the entrepreneurs using technology to exponentially improve the lives of so many people around the world
  5. I managed to become a Founding Partner at our swedish biotech company Cellements: 
  6. I launched a new venture called Frank Bloom that is already making a difference within Recruitement/Joint Ventures/Capital Sourcing and it is highly rewarding
  7. I attended the UnTold Festival in Cluj/Transylvania for the very first time. If you like EDM music, check out the aftermovie:
  8. I have stabilised my company cashflow
  9. I agreed to a joint venture for my second book Don’t Follow The White Rabbit together with the owner of swedish the publishing company BuenaVida: Fredric Backnert
  10. I had my first guided spiritual journey The Golden Teacher which shattered a lot of the misconceptions and fears I had before.



  1. Focus on my strengths and high paying, high-value assignments
  2. Love, Gratitude, Integrity should always guide everything I do
  3. Develop and optimize concepts that I have full control over


By tracking your daily actions you will know exactly what is happening or why something is not happening yet.

These are some of the activities I tracked in 2019:

20/20/20 (20 minutes reading, 20 minutes training, 20 minutes meditation) : 364 times

Contacting new prospects: 556 contacts (increase with 407 contacts from previous year)

Training: 7280 push ups

Meditation: 364 times

Cellements: 277 activities directly connected to growing the business

Wimhof: 600 ice cold showers

5 AM Club: 24 times I got up at 5 a clock in the morning

Journaling: 364 times

Books: 7 books

Audio: 104 hours


  1. Tools of Titans (Insights) by Tim Ferris
  2. Tools of Titans (Success) by Tim Ferris
  3. 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma
  4. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson
  5. Direct Selling Success by Randy Gage
  6. Dune by Frank Herbert
  7. SuperHuman by Dave Asprey

I would recommend you start with these 3:

  1. SuperHuman by Dave Asprey
  2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson
  3. 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma


London Real Podcast with Brian Rose

HardCore History with Dan Carlin

The Tim Ferris Show with Tim Ferris


5 AM Club-Robin Sharma: “Obstacles are nothing more than tests designed to measure how seriously you want the rewards that your ambitions seek”

J.K Rowling: ” It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all-in which case, you fail by default”

William Penn: ” I expect to pass through life but once. If therfore, there can be any kindness I can show, or any good thing that I can do any fellow being, let me do it now and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again”


Mastering the Non-Logical arts:

The Flywheel Effect by Jim Collins:


These are the relationships I seek to expand on in 2020 (both resonated with me in a very special way and I really think they are great humans).

Nir Eyal: American author, lecturer and investor known for his bestselling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

David Meltzer: David Meltzer is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire.


If you don’t already have an accountability partner I highly recommend you get one!

Why? Having someone that can keep you accountable, exchange ideas and help you be your best is imperative.

I have had the privilege to be connected to my accountability partner Dr. Antonio Soler for 7 straight years now! I am so thankful. If you want to find out more about Antonio and his amazing work regarding health and nutrition:

As usual I want to thank everyone that has helped me and inspired me:

My wife Michélle, my grandfather Vasile Moldovan, my grandmother Georgeta, my father Dr.Vasile Salagean, my business partner Claes Blomqvist, Anders Karlsson CEO of Cellements, Nicolas Andreasson, my great friend Sami Sulieman Plexian, my beast from the middle east, great friend Johannes Ekblad Fenix and my spiritual guide Mats Lundberg and obviously Dr.Antonio Soler my accountablity partner.



Claudiu Moldovan 
Founding Partner
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Author of Rise Up Champion (Amazon International Bestseller):
“The Compounding Specialist”















Another year has almost passed. Couple of more days now and we will be starting a new chapter. Some things turned out exactly like we planned and some not. I think that applies to everyone. What are the lessons? What can we do better? What are some of things that we are proud of and thankful for? Lastly, what are some of the weaknesses that we have to accept and find a way to turn them into strength and motivation?

Here comes some of the the most important questions and reflection tools that I use at the end of each year. Something you can use also to gain a better and more objective understanding of what is really going on.


10 greatest happenings from 2018:

  1. We managed to to create a yearly event in Malmö, POW SCANDINAVIA to help women of all ages (and men of course) to capitalize on their strengths and passions. I didn’t do it alone, so many thanks to the team that made it a success: Olivera Stojanovic, Mirely Figueroa de Ndziba, Evelina Lundberg, Joey Karlsson Social Media & Marketing (  Dada Tulbure and Peter Lång. Also big thanks to our moderator Alexandra Skoglund (, Karen Hoisington Personal Branding (, Maria Appelqvist Professional Coach, Published Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur ( , Dana Simovic Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Developing a New Africa/Dana Global ( and our singer/performer Linda Runesson who did an amazing job. ( We are not finished so in 2019 we will continue to build an deliver value. (
  2. We built and successfully delivered a year long educational program RISE UP  for young students at Sundsgymnasiet. Thanks to the great team of teachers making this possible with Niclas Andersson taking the initiative! Also the guest lecturers Sami Sulieman CEO Plexian (, Mats Lundberg Leadership Coach from New Chapter ( and again Alexandra Skoglund Life Coach ( This is the first time (that we know about) a school in Sweden runs a development program for students parallel with the traditional studies during  whole year focusing on: entrepreneurship, goal setting, values, the art of networking, creating leverage at school, decision making, sales, Relational IQ, etc…next year will look to continue implementing  RISE UP  at other schools in Sweden that anticipate the importance of such a program, side by side with the traditional studies.
  3. Vital Adventure Transylvania: after tweaking and adjusting for 2 years, we finally found the essence and the perfect mastermind experience for entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers that want to gain more clarity and re-connect with their true mission in life! We followed yet again in Dracula’s footsteps for a third time and had a such a great time trekking the Carpatian Mountains. Thanks to the team making it possible: Dr. Vasile Salagean Health Expert + my awesome father (, (Andreas Petrander Videographer + Photo Content Manager with a golden touch ( our super amazing guide Glenn Möllergren (, Claudia Morariu our local connect with the biggest smile ( Ciprian Lungu our Bionic Man (my uncle) and professional driver (, Lucian Moldovan Gold Schwinn Intructor who made the first Vital Adventure Group possible by offering our guests both training and a transylvanian retreat at Castle Inn (,  Peter Lång our loyal US. Marine and training expert (  , Mats Lundberg our Spiritual Entrepreneur and Hypnosis Guide (, Alexandra Skoglund Yoga and Mental Coach ( Next year 2019 we decided to keep the group even smaller and more private, maximum 6 people and we are looking forward to new life-changing moments together with people that dare to let go in order to win big:
  4. I spent quality time as much as possible with my grandfather Vasile Moldovan and grandmother Georgeta Rosca both 86 years +
  5. I re-started a collaboration with NAV (  in Norway through Marianne Ronningen who is such a driven individual always seeking to improve things and expand the knowledge base of the organizations she is involved in. The topic is Gen Y + Gen Z and how companies and organizations can maximize the potential of these impact creating groups in the market place. Thanks to Rob Fajardo Founder of Leave Normal Behind that delivered some golden nuggets on the subject and is such an inspiration! (
  6. I have been very consistent with my daily training and meditation routines and especially the daily cold showers that have completely changed my state, focus and stamina! I am in awe! I strongly encourage you to find out more about this simple method at:
  7. Cellements BioPocket: have launched and developed our own biotech direct selling company of functional products together with a bunch of people that I look up to, value and respect: Claes Blomqvist Mentor and Best Friend, Anders Karlsson CEO Cellements and a such a force of nature, Philip Wilhelmsson our Head of Research and Product Development and Nicolas Andreasson Master Distributor with a never ending passion and energy.
  8. Tandem Jump together with Claes Blomqvist! I rate this as one of the most epic experiences so far. Youtube: 
  9. Played a small part in the development of Yobify, tech/recruitment company with huge disrupting potential. I had to push myself by doing things outside my comfort zone, so thanks to the CEO Mats Holmbäck! (
  10. Set the foundation for a new project Work in Europe in 2019 helping young people find meaning and fulfillment and breaking bad habits.




  1. Dr. Antonio Soler True North Health:
  2. Alexandra Aleksic CEO LiliAlex:
  3. Dana Simovic Founder Developing a New Africa:
  4. Mats Lundberg Founder New Chapter:
  5. Mats Gustafsson VP of Growth BrightCom:
  6. Sami Sulieman Plexian AB:
  7. Kajsa Sihlén CEO Solid Capital Group:
  8. Tanner Schweitzer Founder of RAW:
  9. Karen Hoisington Datum Branding Singapore:
  10. Maria Appelqvist Author & Speaker:


Three greatest lessons I’ve learned in 2018:

  1. Have the courage to pause or stop different projects so you don’t loose focus and energy (which I have)
  2. Delegate and only focus on A-Players! Otherwise the price, time and energy you will spend or fixing and repairing things will drain you
  3. Raise the financial intelligence and take control over your economy. If not everything else will suffer.

Tracking your daily activities that will lead to the best results will give you an edge and flow that can make a huge difference as you compound forward. I have used Living Your Best Year Ever System by my mentor Darren Hardy for many years now. I highly recommend it!

By tracking your daily actions you will know exactly what is happening or why something is not happening!

For example in 2018 I tracked some activities:

Contacted 149 new prospects related to different business projects (an increase with 39 new people compared to 2017)

Training: 7280 push-ups bu doing 20/day

Meditation: 364 times (increase with 30 times compared to 2017)

Journaling: 364 times

Books: 10 books (3 books less than 2017)



Tim Ferris Show Podcast:

Business Wars:

Jocko Podcast:


Masters of Scale:

Hardcore History:

Waking Up:


The Gary Vee Audio Experience:



Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris:

If This is a Man by Primo Levi:

Robert Kuok: A Memoir:

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon:

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder:


Darren Daily Free Daily Mentoring:


A Thousand True Fans by Kevin Kelly:

The Tail End by Tim Urban:


Lastly special thanks to my wife Michélle for supporting me during the storms, Claes Blomqvist for always believing in me and making me see things in a positive way, Sami Sulieman my Davinci twin connection, that never loses his enthusiasm and that I can always count on, Johannes Ekblad for always being a great friend and having a positive influence, my accountability partner Dr. Antonio Soler for keeping me on track and adding so much value during almost 6 years, Johnny D for helping me when I need it the most, Anders Karlsson for leading by example and using humor as a powerful tool to get ahead and my father Dr. Vasile for ALWAYS being there for me from Day 1.

My biggest hope for 2019 is to be able to repay and add value for everyone that has helped me and pay it forward!

Claudiu Moldovan
Author of Rise Up Champion (Amazon International Bestseller):
“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better “





Let’s get real. The definition of madness is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. I will be very blunt. The new year can open up doors and opportunities to elevate us or it can bring the opposite if we are not awake and continue to fool ourselves stuck in our old programming with made up stories that we tell ourselves about why we are not where we want to be in life. Nobody is perfect and we all fail and will continue to do so for as long as we are alive. There are couple of key components that I think make the difference in how we progress despite all the problems.

Nr 1: How you perceive what is happening to you and the conversation you have with yourself inside your own head

You can create your own reality by hijacking your own programming.

February 19, 2017 I was watching how the coffin with my grandmother that I loved above all else was being lowered into the ground. I decided to believe that we are all higher beings that take a human body for awhile, like going on vacation. Higher beings that will soon meet again and discuss and laugh at our human experience. That made me feel much better than thinking that this was the last time we would meet. Because who can tell for sure?

Nr 2: Your ability to get up fast when you have been hit hard

2016-2017: I got scammed mentally and practically by a person that I called both mentor and great friend for a very large sum of money uncovering a web of lies that would shock even Spielberg in Hollywood. I lost several businesses and streams of income that took me seven years to build up, I had to watch my grandmother first suffer in disease and than die and the list goes on. But lingering and feeling sorry for myself (which I did) for too long was not an option because I know that with practice I can bend my own reality (you can create your own reality by hijacking your own programming). So I decided to be thankful for everything that happened and see it as another life lesson. Negative emotions and frustration can be a powerful ally if put to work.

So I launched three new projects:

Vital Adventure: Tribe of high-achieving entrepreneurs that want to elevate their game through adventure, vitality and influence. (

Power Of Women: Yearly event to inspire, equip and prepare women to capitalize on their passion. (

Rise Up: one year development program for 80 students in Sweden about attitude, goal-setting, decision making.

I am far from where I want to be on these projects right now, but the most important thing is that through action you don’t have the time to feel sorry for yourself for too long.

Nr 3: Have a goal-setting & tracking system

Having well-defined goals and priorities will make you stand out. 97 percent of the people you know or you will meet do not have that. Knowing what your aim is and having a strategy about how to reach it is crucial. However you also need consistent action on a daily basis and a system that tracks your progress so you can PLAN-DO-REVIEW-IMPROVE.

I have been using the same system Living Your Best Year Ever for a longer period of time and I am entering my 7th year of compounding results.

Check it out here:

If you ask me about my key priorities and goals or numbers connected to the daily actions that are the most important for me I can tell you.


Date nights with partner: 51times

Contacting new prospects: 111 ppl

Training: 352 times (7040 push-ups)

Meditation: 335 times

Diary Entry: 352 times

Read my goals: 352 times

Books: 13 books

Audio: 113 hours

So if you made it so far, congratulations! Not a lot of people have that kind of a patience today when we constantly get bombarded by information.

In 2018 I want to give more, much more. So this a list of the best books, podcasts,apps that I have been devouring on purpose. I hope you find it helpful on your own journey.


Deep Truth by Gregg Braden/ (spirituality and science)

Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy/ (entrepreneurship)

Rule 1 by Phil Town/  (investing like Warren Buffet)

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance/ (entrepreneurship)

Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger/ (entrepreneurship)

If This is a Man by Primo Levi/


Invested: (about money)

Masters of Scale: (about scaling)

Tim Ferris Show: (about world class performers)

Jocko Podcast: (about discipline and leadership)

Framgångspodden: (about success)


Headspace: Guided meditation and mindfulness

Streaks:  The to-do list that helps you form good habits.

So let’s bend reality in 2018!

Claudiu Moldovan
Author of Rise Up Champion (Amazon International Bestseller):



Small things that matter

We almost made it! 2016 is just around the corner. Big promises await and this time we know that it is time for some major changes. We need to hit it big in 2016, this is the year when all dreams will come true. You can read it on Facebook, Instagram or in the new Nike commercial, come on, Just Do It.

We almost made it. Have we? Not really. Will we? that depends. Depends on what? It depends on all the small everyday things that you can easily do but that are just as easy not to do. It is rarely the big things and some superhero powers that will get you where you want to get in life. That is the biggest misconception and illusion out there. Trust me. For years I have been stuck in the same matrix really really believing in the illusion of big things and great undertakings in order to achieve success. Luckily I was introduced to the concept of the compound effect through my mentor and friend Darren Hardy publisher of Success Magazine. Small things that amount to big things if you do it daily and consistently over longer periods of time. I bought the tracking tool Living Your Best Year Ever and I started on the new journey. Before the new year I would start with mapping the things I was most grateful for regarding the year that has passed. I would look at areas of improvement and designed specific written goals in all areas of life such as, mental, business, physically, spiritually, lifestyle, financial, family and relationships. After designing my goals I would create an action plan and decide the things I am prepare to sacrifice in order to achieve my goals.

Later with the help of this amazing tool I decided what to do every day, week, month and year. Everyday I focused mostly on the activities that would create most leverage and happiness in my life. At the end of every week I would track my progress to see how everything was really going. This took away the power of blaming others or circumstances for my failure. It was clear, everything was 100 procent my responsibility now.

I tracked the number of business meetings and how many prospects I contacted every week, how many push-ups I did, how many weekly date nights I had with my wife Michélle, the number of meditation minutes, how many pages I read every day, and how many times a week I revised my written goals. The magic of all this, is that I only did small things every day that didn’t take hardly any time to do. 10 pages of a great book a day, 20 push-ups in the morning, 3 minutes of meditation every day, one date night a week, and so on. I have been applying the compound effect for 4 years now, and I am heading into my fifth year during 2016. The effect it has had in my life is just amazing. People comment from time to time and say that I have some special powers, luck or I was just born ambitious. They are so wrong. The only thing I have done different is all the small things that are easy to do but just as easy not to do. I am now surrounded by inspiring friends, doing what I love, traveling the world every year, and helping others do the same. The best part is that positive things keep compounding as I continue to apply the compound effect in all areas of my life.

This year 2015 I have had:

263 business meetings, I contacted 359 new prospects and created new relationships, had 56 date nights, I meditated 193 times and did 7020 push-ups. Last year I read 28 books just by reading 10 pages a day.

I strongly recommend that you start applying the compound effect in your life and make 2016 to Your Best Year Ever. There is no magic to it. Trust me

Claudiu The Compound Effect

Here is the link to order the goal setting and tracking tool if you wish to do that.

Let’s kick some ass in 2016!

Happy New Year

Claudiu Moldovan
Positive Change Agent
“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better “

October 26

October 26 at 15.50 a clock. This day and time will forever hold the strongest feelings inside of me. This is when you decided to move on and take the next step. I remembered feeling relief and actually smiling when I realized that no more pain, frustration and heart-ache will ever be able to affect you. You were a warrior all the way and you never seized to inspire me not even in the end.

mire cluj

If everything around us is build out of energies and different frequencies than maybe, just maybe you are able to read this wherever you are right now. Know that I love you more than ever, know that every day I keep lighting a candle for you which is the symbol of light and hope. Know that I will never forget nor stop to do everything I can to make you proud so your sacrifice won’t be in vain. A promise is a promise, only you and me know what that promise was, and even though I often fall, I get up again and keep trying just like you showed me. Happy Birthday my beautiful and strong mother Mire I will always forever keep you in my heart until my mission is completed and we can meet again.

Your only son,


”Det du ger får du alltid behålla, det du låter bli att ge är för alltid borta”

Lena & Claudiu

Tiden läker alla sår brukar man höra. Jag tror inte på det riktigt. Tiden kan inte läka vissa sår speciellt om det inte längre finns några sår att läka. Däremot så tror jag starkt på att oavsett hur lång tid som har gått så finns det vissa händelser, ögonblick och personer som lämnar ett avtryck och lever vidare trots allt. Ett eko som inte kan stoppas ens av tiden, en röst som vill göra sig hörd, som förr eller senare hittar rätt kanal för att nå ut och förmedla en berättelse så andra kan inspireras av och föra vidare det som är av betydelse.

När jag träffade dig Lena Petersson för första gången såg jag en gnista hos dig och en vilja att förändra det som andra sade att det var omöjligt att förändra. Du vågade dela med dig av dina drömmar och innersta önskningar och vi påbörjade en resa tillsammans mot något annat mer extraordinärt. Vem vill egentligen leva på ett vanligt sätt när livet är så skört och när man inte vet vad framtiden för med sig?

Jag kommer ihåg vår gemensamma resa till USA, och hur du klättrade upp på den högsta toppen av Grand Canyon där du ställde dig upp och knöt näven mot de cirkulerande svarta fåglarna som svävade över den rödfärgade avgrunden. I det ögonblicket var allting fullkomligt och medan solen smekte bergstopparna så badade du i stolthet och livsglädje.

Ingen visste då att livet skulle ta en ny vändning som skulle rubba allting på en sekund. Det tar nämligen inte mer än en sekund för att vinden skall vända och blåsa oss rakt in i ansiktet. Det tar inte mer en sekund för att man skall komma ihåg att allt som har en början måste ha ett slut. En sekund, en minut, en timme, en dag, en månad, ett år, en livstid eller en evighet, jag kan inte riktigt säga vilket.

När du fick din diagnos, när alla sade att det var kört så sade du nej. Du vägrade ge upp, du vägrade infinna dig i vad andra sade, du vägrade acceptera det normala till och med då när det var som svårast. Du gav allt du hade och mycket mer för att kämpa emot och kämpa för de du älskade in i det sista! Det som jag beundrar mest är att du gjorde det med ett leende på läpparna trots att du hade ont både i kropp och själ.

Vem vet? Det hade kanske gått annorlunda om inte flera kvalificerade läkare hade missat diagnosen i över 11 månader. Jag tror det hade gjort det men det är ingen som vet. Däremot så kan vi inte sitta tysta och låta bli att berätta om det som alldeles för ofta sker på våra sjukhus där vi skall känna oss säkra. Det som en gång var säkert har blivit osäkert. Något måste göras och något kommer att göras även om det kommer att ta tid.

Idag så blev vi bjudna till dina föräldrar på middag. Jag kisade med blicken och tittade runt i huset för att kanske se en glimt av dig och din energi någonstans. Jag har alltid trott att genom att kisa så får jag se saker som annars är osynliga. Jag fick höra livsberättelser som dina föräldrar Gun och Lennart delade med sig och vi hade en fantastisk tid under en perfekt svensk sommarkväll. Det kändes som en saga där allting var perfekt. Jag såg stoltheten i dina föräldrars ögon när de pratade om dig och vilken kämpe du var in i det sista! Trots att din pappa är så stark och har själv gått igenom så mycket så kunde jag fånga ett ögonblick i hans ögon då jag verkligen fattade hur mycket han saknar dig och hur oerhört mycket han älskar dig. Du skall veta att de visade mig brevet som din son Johan hade skrivit till dig. Det var så vackert och trots att du säkerligen redan känner till det, så vill jag gärna återge några rader här:

Hej världens bästa mamma!

Du är den finaste människan jag känner.

Jag ser verkligen upp till dig!

Hur stark du är. Hur du alltid vill allas bästa.

Johan din älskade son

Medan jag läste det så kom ihåg det brev som jag själv skrev till min älskade mamma för inte så länge sedan. Det brev som jag aldrig någonsin hade velat skriva men som jag blev tvungen att skriva ändå. Jag kom ihåg när allting förändrades och det finns inget någon kan säga eller göra för att göra det bättre.

Tiden läker alla sår. Det tror jag inte på. Däremot så tror jag på att oavsett hur lång tid som har gått så finns det vissa händelser, ögonblick och personer som lämnar ett avtryck och lever vidare trots allt. Ett eko som inte kan stoppas ens av tiden, en röst som vill göra sig hörd, som förr eller senare hittar rätt kanal för att nå ut och förmedla en berättelse så andra kan inspireras av och föra vidare det som är av betydelse.

Du har gjort avtryck och jag är tacksam att jag fick lära känna dig. En liten bit av dig kommer alltid att stanna kvar hos mig och en liten bit av mig kommer alltid att finnas hos dig. Det är bara så. I slutändan så handlar det att ge allt man bara kan under den tid man har, för det leder till minnen som man alltid får behålla. Minnen som lever vidare. Det man inte ger är för alltid borta. Du gav verkligen allt.

Claudiu Moldovan



The last two years have been life changing for me. I discovered that time is limited and that the unthinkable can happen to everyone including myself. I was one of those people that use to think that really really bad stuff is something reserved for people that I don’t know, that lived in some parallel universe remote from my reality. Yes logically I realized that it could happen to everyone but emotionally I was not attached to the idea.

October 26 2013 at 15.50 it happened and it changed me at the core. The person I loved the most on this planet, the person who sacrificed everything in order to give me the best chances in life, who always supported and encouraged me to be all I can be, my mother Mirela moved on at the age of 55. She moved on on her birthday..I bought her a cake with one candle that I lit for her, making a wish for her because she was not able to do it herself. I strongly believed that she would be ok even in the final seconds, though everything else pointing in a different direction. So now I remember one key question that she asked me one sunny day when she was home from hospital for a couple of hours, and how she loved being home, and how much she hated the hospital. She said: can you please tell me why I worked so much in life? Having worked constantly from the age of 19 that was a very valid question asked at a very invalid time. That question still resonates with me every day and every night.

Many of the decisions we take in life or don’t are based on how much time we think we have left to live. If you are just a little bit like me you maybe thinking that you have all the time in the world to do that stuff you want later in life, maybe when you retire. You don’t like your job and would like to pursue your passions but now is not the right time. You maybe feel relevance and make good money where you are in life but don’t have the time to be with your family. But that is all right because you will have time later. You would like to travel the world but you can always do it later, and maybe you want to spend your days in a villa in Italy and enjoy the sun and food, but I mean you can always do it later. And so you keep on fooling yourself that time is endless. 

Now unless you have a time machine to be able to predict the future or go back in time to rearrange things and correct mistakes by making new decisions that thinking will eventually get you in a lot of trouble later on.

Create your desired future by starting today and focus on doing the things you really want and love right now, that way you can create and predict tomorrow even without a time machine and when you look back later on you will realize happily that you went for it and you have nothing to regret or correct.


You heard it before. I don’t know what to do with my life, I don’t know what I like, let me take another university subject to find myself, nobody in my family has ever done something like this so why should I succeed? Even if I love doing this, how can I make any money on it? Dreaming is for people who have no connection with reality. In real life you don’t do what you love you do what you must..

Here are 7 reasons why people settle and by doing the opposite you can avoid the regret of not going for it later in life.

1. Lack of understanding in the power of imagination and dreaming

2. Lack of clearly defined goals that are written down

3. Lack of the right attitude as a direct effect of the input you allow in your brain every day

4. Lack of a self-analysis regarding the strengths you posses

5. Lack of research about how you can use these strengths to your advantage and design the lifestyle you really want

6. Lack of initiative to find people with your background and profile that are already where you want to be and ask the how they did it

7. Lack of courage to face your fears by taking the first step

Modern Leadership

long term business

Yesterday I had one of my leaders approach me before a seminar.

I really want to talk to you he said. He took my hand looked me in the eyes and said: Can you promise me one thing? What is that? I responded

When you reach the very top, can you promise not to leave the team behind and go somewhere else? can you promise that you will be here with us and continue to help us reach the top?

These moments represent everything I fight for, that is the best recognition that you have built leadership based on respect and not on fear.

A great leader will always put his team interest first and his own second.