October 26

October 26 at 15.50 a clock. This day and time will forever hold the strongest feelings inside of me. This is when you decided to move on and take the next step. I remembered feeling relief and actually smiling when I realized that no more pain, frustration and heart-ache will ever be able to affect you. You were a warrior all the way and you never seized to inspire me not even in the end.

mire cluj

If everything around us is build out of energies and different frequencies than maybe, just maybe you are able to read this wherever you are right now. Know that I love you more than ever, know that every day I keep lighting a candle for you which is the symbol of light and hope. Know that I will never forget nor stop to do everything I can to make you proud so your sacrifice won’t be in vain. A promise is a promise, only you and me know what that promise was, and even though I often fall, I get up again and keep trying just like you showed me. Happy Birthday my beautiful and strong mother Mire I will always forever keep you in my heart until my mission is completed and we can meet again.

Your only son,




The last two years have been life changing for me. I discovered that time is limited and that the unthinkable can happen to everyone including myself. I was one of those people that use to think that really really bad stuff is something reserved for people that I don’t know, that lived in some parallel universe remote from my reality. Yes logically I realized that it could happen to everyone but emotionally I was not attached to the idea.

October 26 2013 at 15.50 it happened and it changed me at the core. The person I loved the most on this planet, the person who sacrificed everything in order to give me the best chances in life, who always supported and encouraged me to be all I can be, my mother Mirela moved on at the age of 55. She moved on on her birthday..I bought her a cake with one candle that I lit for her, making a wish for her because she was not able to do it herself. I strongly believed that she would be ok even in the final seconds, though everything else pointing in a different direction. So now I remember one key question that she asked me one sunny day when she was home from hospital for a couple of hours, and how she loved being home, and how much she hated the hospital. She said: can you please tell me why I worked so much in life? Having worked constantly from the age of 19 that was a very valid question asked at a very invalid time. That question still resonates with me every day and every night.

Many of the decisions we take in life or don’t are based on how much time we think we have left to live. If you are just a little bit like me you maybe thinking that you have all the time in the world to do that stuff you want later in life, maybe when you retire. You don’t like your job and would like to pursue your passions but now is not the right time. You maybe feel relevance and make good money where you are in life but don’t have the time to be with your family. But that is all right because you will have time later. You would like to travel the world but you can always do it later, and maybe you want to spend your days in a villa in Italy and enjoy the sun and food, but I mean you can always do it later. And so you keep on fooling yourself that time is endless. 

Now unless you have a time machine to be able to predict the future or go back in time to rearrange things and correct mistakes by making new decisions that thinking will eventually get you in a lot of trouble later on.

Create your desired future by starting today and focus on doing the things you really want and love right now, that way you can create and predict tomorrow even without a time machine and when you look back later on you will realize happily that you went for it and you have nothing to regret or correct.