October 26

October 26 at 15.50 a clock. This day and time will forever hold the strongest feelings inside of me. This is when you decided to move on and take the next step. I remembered feeling relief and actually smiling when I realized that no more pain, frustration and heart-ache will ever be able to affect you. You were a warrior all the way and you never seized to inspire me not even in the end.

mire cluj

If everything around us is build out of energies and different frequencies than maybe, just maybe you are able to read this wherever you are right now. Know that I love you more than ever, know that every day I keep lighting a candle for you which is the symbol of light and hope. Know that I will never forget nor stop to do everything I can to make you proud so your sacrifice won’t be in vain. A promise is a promise, only you and me know what that promise was, and even though I often fall, I get up again and keep trying just like you showed me. Happy Birthday my beautiful and strong mother Mire I will always forever keep you in my heart until my mission is completed and we can meet again.

Your only son,


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